Professional Development

“Instruction with respect to the life and history of the Negro requires probably more preparation than any other phase of social science for the simple reason that no other problems have been so grossly misrepresented and so generally misunderstood. To undertake to give instruction in this field in which one is not prepared, then, would be a most expensive error for which future generations must pay in suffering from other misunderstandings like the many which handicap us today. It requires centuries for truth to overcome error.”

-LaGarrett J. King

PD will help teachers to:

  • Develop a context to discuss the hard history of slavery and racism; develop abilities to listen, witness, correct and protect

  • Integrate the study of people often left out of the curriculum through local history

  • Effectively use local primary sources to explore the institution of slavery

  • Use metacognitive strategies to support student learning

  • Encourage collaboration and student voice

  • Engage students in authentic projects as public historians to help the community remember

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PD 9/30

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Restorative Justice

Start at 9:53 - 15:38

Bryan Stevenson discusses the legacy of slavery and the vision behind creating the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

He tells a story of hope.