Hidden History

Remembering Slavery and Freedom 

( formally the West Hartford Witness Stones Project )

The Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society is committed to telling the story of slavery and freedom.  1693 is the first date we have records of enslaved people in the West Division . 

Students and teachers shift their gaze from a New England colonial history dominated by English settlers to one informed by the institution of slavery.  

Students and teachers engage with local primary sources to tell the stories of the enslaved and enslavers. Students amplify the stories through civic engagement activities.

Our research provides through lines and the words to address compelling questions students and teachers are wrestling with today:

What is the legacy of power relationships from slavery, based on race and profit, that still exist today? And, have these power relationships changed?

How can confronting our past help us to address questions of racial injustice today?

How can these stories reach a wider audience?

Retired Social Studies teachers from the West Hartford Public Schools,
Dr. Tracey Wilson (Town Historian) and Liz Devine will present these programs.

"We need to engage everyone in meaningful conversation about what it would take to cleanse ourselves of the legacy of slavery."

 Bryan Stevenson, 2015 MOMA Interview

For more information contact: 
Dr. Tracey Wilson,  Town Historian traceymwilson@gmail.com 

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